Emberstrip     8PC+ image 5526010429498
Emberstrip     8PC+ image 5526010462266
Emberstrip     8PC+

Emberstrip 8PC+

Emberstrip     8PC+ image 5526010429498
Emberstrip     8PC+ image 5526010462266
Emberstrip     8PC+
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The Embertec Emberstrip 8PC+ Advanced Power Strip (APS) is the highest quality energy saving APS available worldwide designed for PC environments. Featuring the Embertec invented Active Powerdown and a superior 64k microprocessor, the Emberstrip 8PC+ delivers class leading reliability and performance with proven customer satisfaction.

Emberstrip 8PC+ saves wasted power from both the computer itself and it's connected peripherals. This is made possible, once the USB cable is connected to your computer, by turning off connected devices when your computer is idle or turned off. The Emberstrip 8PC+ has surge protection rated to a verified 1,974 Joules and 39,000 AMPS. Embertec warrants all surge claims for any equipment connected directly through the Embertec.

Minimum Requirements

  • A Windows PC running Microsoft Windows 7.x, 8.x or 10.x. The Emberstrip 8PC+ is not compatible with Apple computers*
  • An active internet connection.
  • Administration access to the computer. The Emberstrip 8PC+ operates in both Administration and non-Administration.

*Not for Mac Computers

Performance and Safety

Surge Compliance UL 1449
Total Surge 1,974 Joules/ 39,000 Amps
Input Current
Over-Current Threshold 15 Amps RMS
Operating Voltage
110°V AC +/- 10%
Certification UL listed

Physical Attributes

Power Cord Length 4 ft
# of Power Saver Outlets 5
# of Always-on Outlets 2
# of Computer-Only Outlets 1
Total Outlets 8
Dimensions 16.5 in L x 2.5 in W x 1.4 in D

Model Details

Manufacturer Model
Life Span
>20 years
APS Category Tier 2
Warranty Lifetime warranty
$25,000 connected equipment warranty

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